Client Testimonials

Hear some of the success stories from clients of dana 

"THANK YOU!  We don't meet people by chance, they come into our lives for a reason.  And through you I found God again.  Your compassion and passion for what you do is seen and and heard everyday.  You are an angel in my eyes!  What I learned from this experience is that we all seek love, you have given me a love so great it can not be broken, as long as It's with God!  Thank you for your guidance and allowing me to heal.  Thank you for your love, you will be forever in my heart.  And one day I will hear your angelic voice!"  - N.J.

"As most people who are looking for a therapist, I met Dana Nygaard during a low point in my marriage. My counseling sessions with Dana first started out as individual therapy which then transitioned into couples sessions. Honestly, I don’t remember too much about those first few sessions except how welcoming Dana made me feel and how I looked forward to having someone to talk to who I knew only had my best interest, and that of my marriage, at heart. And of course, I remember thinking how I should not have waited until I was feeling pretty hopeless to finally find a therapist. My husband and I definitely meet many of the “opposites attract” criteria. As I think about our marriage, I see how Dana has been responsible for a lot of the positive changes we have been able to make together. In Dana, we found a caring and knowledgeable Christian marriage therapist who was sensitive to our needs, who believed in the sanctity of marriage and who was there to guide us as we tried to figure out how to best make our marriage work. I have no doubt that our marriage would still be suffering had I not found Dana Nygaard to be our marriage therapist. With her help, our communication skills have greatly improved, we are better able to express our feelings and needs, it is easier to see what is worth fighting for and our marriage is a stronger one. "

Sincerely, H&LJ Frisco, TX

"Counseling isn’t something I ever thought I would need.  I always tried to work through whatever demons I was battling on my own…most of the time I was not successful.  I reached out to Dana in 2015.  My marriage was in a downward spiral and felt I had completely lost who was.  I was emotionally and mentally drained.  On top of that, spiritually I was having a hard time connecting with God and my Catholic Faith.  I felt as if God was disappointed in me for having negative feelings towards myself and my marriage.  I needed help fast and thankfully Dana agreed to start seeing me on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.  I honestly never thought it would feel so good to unload all my feelings on someone I barely knew.  I also appreciated the fact that we shared the same faith and she completely understood where I was coming from spiritually.  I am still a work in progress but I know I’ll get there.  I highly recommend Dana Nygaard’s counseling services."

- CW

"My husband and I were already separated when we began to see Dana for our marriage.  I was done and ready to file for divorce.  Basing her counseling on Catholic principles, Dana worked my husband and I through ways to improve our communication skills.  She was not afraid to confront the behaviors that were causing us many challenges in our marriage. She also supported us when we were struggling and encouraged us when we made progress.  I am happy to report that we are lving together again.  I believe we have learned the skills to continue to improve our communication skills and confront any challenges that will occur.  It has not been easy!  Dana has been with us through the entire process and I know that if we ever need a "tune-up" she will be right there to support us again.  We both highly recommend Dana as a therapist."


"Dana is a volunteer therapist on our Rachel’s Vineyard™ Retreats. Her presence on retreat is one of compassion, empathy and faith-based hope. She has an innate gift of being able to listen to the retreatants who come with their broken hearts full of despair and help them see God’s light in their lives and help them trust again. She brings such a spirit of joy to the team that seems to overflow onto all who are there….retreatants and team alike. She inspires confidence and trust and makes the brokenhearted feel they have a Simon of Cyrene at their side who will walk with them as they are made whole again. She is a very valuable, respected and loved team member in our  ministry."

Eileen Kuhlmann, Director
Healing After Abortion Ministry
Catholic Pro-Life Committee
Dallas, Texas




Thank you for all your help.  I'm grateful God brought us together.